You’ll find the answers to most common questions right here!

Melangata Station Stay is 5.5 to 6 hour driving time from Bindoon taking either the great northern Highway the old Midlands road or the Great northern Highway and the Ninghan-Yalgoo rd.

Our preferred most direct route is Bindoon, New Norcia, Dalwallinu, Wubin, Perenjori, Morawa, Yalgoo, Melangata.

Taking this route also allows you opportunities to see three of Monsignor John Hawes buildings in Perenjori, Morawa and Yalgoo before arriving at his only privately owned residence that was built in Australia.

With this in mind maybe take a couple of days to get to us and enjoy some extra country hospitality along the way.

Fuel is available in Bindoon, New Norcia, Dalwallinu, Wubin, Perenjori, Morawa, and there is a 24hour fuel station in Yalgoo.

There is 70 km of outback dirt road to get to us which our shire council do a great job of maintaining this means most of the time the station is accessible to all vehicles including two wheel drive.

We do sometimes experience large rain events and occasionally the shire will close the dirt roads 

Inconvenient it may be for your travel plans but it is essential to ensure everyones safety and preserve our road infrastructure so you may visit another time.

We have many reasons but we do not allow visiting dogs or pets on the station. Please for their safety and your peace of mind leave them at home.

We have rain water tanks for drinking water and well water for showering and cooking.

We are an environment of extremes and the time of the year that most people choose to be here is our season of April to October.

April –May is still quite warm with pleasant evening temperatures about 10-30degreesC.

 June and July are our coldest and often times wettest months about 1-20 degreesC

 August – September are the most popular months as provided we have had good rains will see magnificent displays of wild flowers. 5-30 degrees C

Yes we have wildflowers. BUT, only if we have good rains in May, June, July. Every year we have been here since 2016 has been different.

The only predictable thing about our environment out here is quite simply its unpredictability.

You just have to take it as it comes nothing is guaranteed. Anyway, if you visit and we have had a dry year that gives you all the more reason to return again and again to come and see the changes for yourself.

We are still happily mobile reception free so what an awesome chance to unplug and just immerse yourself in the Outback. If you really need to get in contact with the outside world we are only too happy to let you use the good old fashioned landline or pop onto our wifi briefly to attend to your business.

We provide firewood for the communal fire pit but you are welcome to collect your own wood from the sides of the roads to have your own fire at your campsite. We prefer campfires straight on the ground but you are welcome to use your own fire pit if you have one.

We have a washing machine at the Shearers quarters if you need to do a load or two. A couple of small gold coins would be appreciated.

There is a book exchange at the Cookhouse, leave one – take one or borrow and return before you leave. There are also games, reference books ect that you are welcome to use whilst staying.